Flexographic label printing is ideal for larger runs of custom printed labels. This printing method can be used on a wide assortment of materials including vinyl, plastic, and metallic films. Because Flexographic printing is ideal for non-porous surfaces, it is ideal for labels for products in the food and beverage markets.

Flexographic printing also accommodates a diverse range of label products. For example, we offer coupon label printing, respositionable labels, and multi-layer labels. You also have the option to have your labels delivered on rolls or sheets.

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We are a professional manufacture. Changing conditions in the Globe the buyers need professionals who can understand their demands, quality and provide prompt services.

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We at Label city Pakistan feel pride ourselves to offer you a beautiful and well-designed labels. As Pakistan’s top label making company we offer highly graphics based label .

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Label city Pakistan is a team of talented Pakistani workers, the team is creative, each member work dedication on each work as a main resource and Project Manager, specialize machine handles and designer help him to make work successfully deliver nicely and on time.

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