The price and quality of Flexographic label printing has been the clear winner for custom labels. Flexographic labels have the advantage for high volume product label orders, but there are setup costs for each label job – preparing your custom label artwork to create printing plates, setting up the label press, mixing inks for color matching, and machine calibration. The cost and setup for labels can be expensive if you’re a smaller company or you just need fewer product labels. This is where digital labels have the advantage.

Digitally printed labels are vibrant high-quality labels. If you’re new to custom labels, or considering making the switch from flexographic labels to digital labels, we’ve put together this guide to help you understand the advantages of digital printing.

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Label city Pakistan is a team of talented Pakistani workers, the team is creative, each member work dedication on each work as a main resource and Project Manager, specialize machine handles and designer help him to make work successfully deliver nicely and on time.

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